Applications Support

New Mixer Design
We design our XCEL-FLO mixers with MIeX software. We input all the tank and process information. The program calculates the various forces and determines the optimum degree of mixing. MIeX selects the most efficient motor size, impeller size/type, shaft size, and gearbox to meet the process needs.

CFD Design
Autodesk CF Design allows UET to capture mixing before any manufactured parts are created. UET can use state of the art software to determine if your process can be adequently mixed by one of our products. UET can work with you to solve any new or old/retrofit applications to perform low impact tests and find the best possible solution.
Scale Up/Down
We can use your existing mixer design and scale up or scale down to different size vessels to provide the same degree of mixing.
CAD Drawings
Using Autocad Inventor® we start by producing approval drawings. Once approved we create 3D assembly drawings. The part drawings then go into production.
Control Documents
We are able to supply material certificates, PMI test documents, X-Ray test documents, and Hydrotests. We build to ASHE Code Section VIII.
We keep an inventory of parts and can rebuild equipment as new or retrofit existing equipment.
We can build prototypes with your assistance and reverse engineer equipment.