XCEL-3 to 10 Series

Each mixer is designed and manufactured for you application using only the higest quality components engineered specifically for dependable mixer service. XCEL-3 to 10 Series mixers are available with pumping rates up to 54,000 gpm and utilize standard industrial motors up to 25 HP.
HP Ratings: Up to 25 HP
Speed Range: 2 to 350 rpm
Motor: NEMA C-face in TEFC, XP
Gear Drive: Worm and helical/worm configurations
Pumping Rates: Up to 54,000 gpm
Impellor: Hydrofoil for highest efficiency
Shaft: UP to 240” long without a steady bearing
Mounting: Baseplate or flange mount
Compliances: CSA, CE, ATEX, ASME