Field Service & Site Work

pdf-tnClick to download a detailed write up of field service rates
Your UET mixing equipment will last for many years, but taking the correct precautions will ensure a long life for any style UET mixer. UET technicians are available to help with onsite service including: Start-up, Troubleshooting, Equipment Maintenance and Installation Support
Included in UET start-up assistance, we will check shaft run out, confirm motor amp draw, check alignment of couplings, mixer mounting, motor alignment, and the impeller(s) positioning. Most information about your mixer is available in your 10M manual. If you do not have this manual, refer to the resources section of this website where your mixer series 10M is provided for download.
Field service and onsite pricing summary price per hour
Standard Hourly Rate: (i.e. maintenance, training,
new installs) up to 8 hrs a day
Ovetime Hourly Rate ( i.e. maintenance, training,
new installs) all hours in excess of 8 hrs daily
Travel Time Hourly Rate $110
Minimum Charge (4 hours) $440